Prophetic Messages for ISRAEL and Middle East (last warning!)

Update for this Prophetic Message from ELOHIM for Israel & Middle East (which was given to us in 2011)

Since last Shabbat (June 8 2013), RUACH ELOHIM has led me to pray for Israel specifically, pray, and discern on the Book of Ezekiel. Now is Tuesday (June 11 2013) and I am led to fast for Israel. When I pray and fast, ELOHIM ADONAI is grieving for Israel for its sins and stuborness. I can hear the Cry of MY ABBA in Spiritual Realm. ELOHEINU ECHAD is grieving for Israel. There are so many sins that Israel did and has been doing that really hurt the Heart of ADONAI. Therefore, after interceding this morning, ELOHIM ADONAI told me to post this Prophetic Message for Israel and Middle East again. Something very bad will happen in Israel. That is Judgment from the Most High. My name is Henry and My wife’s name is Elsia, we are Intercessors and Goyim from Indonesia. We are Messianic Hebrew Pentecost believers.I am called by ADONAI as one of the Watchmen for Israel and to this world.

ELOHIM has chosen me as one of the Watchmen of the 12 Gates of Israel and this Prophetic Message one more time is placed on line as a Sign that Israel has one more opportunity to repent before the Great Wrath and Judgment from ADONAI come to Israel. ADONAI told me specifically that Ezekiel 9 will occur in Israel very very soon and blood will flow so very high in Israel. ADONAI has showed me visions that the current Government and administration from Israel are not from HIM. They are from ha-satan! ADONAI has showed me visions that there are so many abominations done by these individuals to HIS Holy Places such as Betlehem, Golgotha, Mt. Sinai, Mt.Olive and Mt. Horeb and so many places in Israel. These individuals purposedly defiling the above Holy Places and they do not realize that harsh Judgment await them all! I have seen vision that the leaders of Israel worship ha-satan and conduct disgusting sexual acts while worshipping baal! They will get consequences for their actions!

And today is June 11, 2013, or 3 Tammuz 5773, where 5 Tammuz 5773 is the day that Ezekiel met with ADONAI with HIS Glory.

The following Prophetic Messages are given to us (husband and wife) who happen to be intercessors for Israel and all nations. We are from Indonesia. These Prophetic Messages are given from ELOHIM ADONAI YAHUVEH TZVAOT regarding Israel and Middle East. These Prophetic Messages were given through a series of intercession (3-5 Tammuz 5773, 17 Av 5771, 19 Av 5771, 23 Av 5771, 25 Av 5771, 27 Av 5771, 5 Shevat 5772) to us and not just a one-time intercession. Israel and Middle east are very special to ADONAI.

It is going to be a long message but will bless spiritually those who live in Israel and Middle East and other countries as well. We pray and pray again before posting these Prophetic Messages and Precious RUACH ELOHIM gives us the following verse,” Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed for YAHUVEH ELOHIM is with thee whitersoever thou goest” (Yehosuhua 1:9) as a sign that these Prophetic Messages are ready to be released!

Remember that each Prophetic Message is not a fact only, but it is a Heavenly Spiritual Weapon when prayed with the Guidance from RUACH ELOHIM. You need to humble your heart, pray and have faith!

Prophetic Messages begin,” Tell them MY son and daughter at the beginning of this Message, Sh’ma Yisrael, ADONAI Eloheinu, ADONAI Echad (Devarim 6:4). This is the first message that the people in Yisrael need to hear. I AM YAHUVEH their ELOHIM and Creator (Shemoth 20:1) and MY SON is YAHUSHUA their MASHIACH (Yochanan 14:6) and IMMAYAH is their Precious RUACH HA KODESH (Yochanan 14:16-31). WE ARE ECHAD (Markos 12:29). If you believe in I, YAHUVEH then you also believe and accept MY SON YAHUSHUA and embrace OUR Precious RUACH HA KODESH. This is the Perfect Harmony that is represented by each one of US in that Triangle. If one side of the Triangle is not present, It is not going to be a Perfect Triangle. It will not stand. If you don’t fully accept and embrace the THREE OF US the you are NOT from I, YAHUVEH, you belong to something else! This is the Revelation that people in Yisrale need to hear before it is too late!

“Tell them MY son and daughter that I, YAHUVEH demand and represent obedience to the fullest, MY SON YAHUSHUA represent Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10) and OUR Precious RUACH HA KODESH represents Holiness, Wisdom, Anointing and Guidance. This is what the sons of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov need to hear as of now. I use you MY son and daughter from Goyim to tell and teach them this revelation and for for those who are seeking this Truth shall shout in peace and joy that surpass understanding. For those who are obedient, have the Spirit of Prophecy and led by Wisdom, Anointing and Guidance from RUACH HA KODESH are those who are dearest to I, YAHUVEH. These are the characteristics found in your forefathers. Dawid, Shlomo, Hanokh, Noe, Avraham, Yitzhak, Ya’aqov, Josef, Ezra, Baruch, Levy, Yehudah and Shaul (Paul). Tell them MY son and daughter that you have studied the Testament of Avraham, Testament of Shlomo, Revelation of Ezra, Book of Secrets of Hanokh, Testament of Iyov, Testament of Levy and Testament og Yehudah and they all showed total obedience to the fullest to I, YAHUVEH, they were all humble before I AM and they repented once they committed sin and promised not to commit sin again. That is why they are now in deep sleep with their forefathers and shall be with I AM at the New Yerushalayim and New Earth.”

‘Tell the people in Yisrael, MY son and daughter, that when I ask you to keep praying for the peace in Yisrael and it does not only mean for their country and security (Tehilim 122:6-7) but pray that the people in Yisrael also have peace with their MOSHIACH, YAHUSHUA is HIS NAME, MY SON and your REDEEMER, there is no one else! (Yochanan 3:16). MY SON came and walked in this world in flesh and HE will come again to Yisrael (Mattityahu 23:9). It means pray that they shall one day soften and accept YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as their REDEEMER. There is now small remnant in Yisrael that have accepted MY SON YAHUSHUA and live under the anointing and guidance from RUACH HA KODESH. I have told you MY son and daughter, that the remnant in Yisrael have heard thet the Gospel has been preached to the four corners of this earth (Markos 16) and there re people as far as the end of four corners of the earth have accepted YAHUSHUA as their MESSIAH, have embraced Torah, observe Shabbat, Holy Days and Holy Feasts, live their life under the anointing and guidance from RUACH HA KODESH and learned the Hebrew Sacred NAMES. These remnant shall hear this news with so much joy and they know that the end is near and their Prince of Peace is coming soon, their REDEEMER, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH draweth nigh,yea, HE is coming very soon (Mattithyahu 24:12).”

“Tell Yisrael MY son and daughter, the vision that I have given you showing there are souls in Yisrael until now worship the enemy ha-satan in their temples (Devarim 32:15-17, Yechezqel 8) and this has created MY jealousy and wrath to Yisrael. I will not hold back the Judgment and Punishment to Yisrael any longer! Just like their forefathers when they rebelled against I, YAHUVEH their ELOHIM, I will once again give Yisrael to the heathens (Book of Prophet Daniel 1:1) and the heathens will rule and persecute Yisrael greatly (NATO will invade Yisrael, next is Russia to invade {Book of the Prophet Yechezqel 38:1-23) and lastly China,will dishonor its treaty with Russia, will attack Yisrael with its muslim allies (Book of Prophet of Yoel 2:1-11).”

“There will be deaths and great persecution in Yisrael during this period when these heathens rule in Yisrael (Book of the Prophet Hoshea 8:1-14 and 9:1-17). Soon Yisrael will weep (Yechezqel 7:25-27) and can not stand the persecution and death on them and they will remember MY Torah that I gave to Moshe (Devarim 6:1-25). MY son and daughter, MY SPIRIT teaches you that the HARDEST soul to minister and reach in this world are in Yisrael (Yeshayahu 65:2)! I, YAHUVEH love Yisrael very much but all of MY Signs, Miracles, Wonders and Blessings have made them very spoiled and they forget there is a Living ELOHIM, I, YAHUVEH the ELOHIM of their forefathers, Avraham, Yitzhaq and Yaakov (B’Reyshith 17:1-2). They have stayed away from MY Commandments, Statutes, Ordinances and Prophecies (Devarim 4:23) and I, YAHUVEH will chastise Yisrael so greatly and they shall weep so loud because these last wars, persecutions and deaths are BEYOND their imagination ever! Yisrael will weep and shout to I, YAHUVEH their ELOHIM for help and I will become jealous to Yisrael and I will judge and defeat their enemies (Book of the Prophet Yoel 3:1-21) and Yisrael will be recovered after that (Book of the Prophet Yechezqel 39:25-29) and I, YAHUVEH will be KING of all the earth, the ONLY ONE ELOHIM that the rule the earth (Book of the Prophet Zecharyah 14:9)!”

“Many have been wondering who the Two Witnesses are (Revelation 11:1-14), tell them MY son and daughter to read and discern on B’Reyshith 2:7, B’Reyshith 2:22 and Qoheleth Ecclesiastes 1:9). Just like Adam and Eve who are a male and a female, a husband and a wife, Two Witnesses are a male and a female also. They are NOT famous and each day they live their life fully under the anointing from RUACH HA KODESH. MY Two Witnesses are from the Tribe of Yehudah (B’Reyshith 49:8-11) and MY Two Witnesses are like Moshe who also can fast for 40 daysa nd 40 nights (Shemoth 24:18) therefore they are equipped with such anointing and powers to fight and defeat the enemy. They will perform Signs, Miracles, Wonders and Blessings in Yisrael. They will appear in Yerushalayim, preaching to Yisrael for the very last time on this earth and will battle the enemy, ha-satan along with his troops on earth. MY Two Witnesses will arise from the death after the third day and show to MY People in Yisrael that I, YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA have defeated death once and for all and the SPIRIT of LIFE enter the Two Witnesses (Yeshayahu 25:8) and they return to Heavens (Revelation 11:12). The only way that you can communicate with them are only through prayers , and MY son and daughter, you have seen how humble my Two Witnesses are, keep praying for them and the small remnant in Yisrael as this is the final battle and you all need to keep the faith in I, YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA and thee victory is yours!” (Letter from Rav Shaul to the Romans 8:37) (New Messages posted on 5 Shevat 5772).

“Now I AM talking to those in Yisrael who don’t live in path of holiness and are rebellion to I, YAHUVEH their ELOHIM. Those who defile themselves with sin and never ever want to repent and do not separate themselves from the wicked. I AM merciless to those who broke the Covenant (Revelation of Ezra verse 27), tell them MY son and daughter that judgment shall some to those whose foreheads do not have our Hebrew Sacred Names (Yechezqel 9), this is not going to be a pretty sight, it is going to be a horror in Yisrael at that time. But for those who have embraced YAHUSHUA and Precious RUACH HA KODESH shall be delivered from this horror and calamity. Yea, the final war between Yisrael and the nations (Zecharyah 1:4) shall occur very soon and thell them MY son and daughter that those who come to war with Yisrael are not humans made from flesh and blood, but also the power and principalities in the air shall come, gather their troops and desire to destroy Yisrael and the spiritual Hebrew (Revelation 19:19);

“That is why a country and its allies are invading and creating terror in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria and Iran. These countries are not just invading, creating turmoil and upheaval but they are trying to unleash the chief of fallen angels and their troops (Testament of Shlomo, Book of Secrets of Hanokh, The Book of Giant Dead Sea Scrolls, The Fall of the Angels) and these fallen ones are regathered to destroy MY Apple EYE, MY Beloved Yisrael. This is the missing part of the Book of Revelation (Revelation 19:19), not just people and nations try to destroy Yisrael, but also the chief fallen angels and their troops along with their leader( ha-satan) and his followers. That is why I, YAHUVEH will send the Brides of YAHUSHUA with their glorified bodies and shall war and defeat these fallen ones and their troops. The Brides of YAHUSHUA are under the command from Chief Commander, MY SON, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH 9Yoel 2:16B, Revelation 19:18) with legion of Holy Angels from Heavens who will strike and defeat the enemy and his troops.”

“Tell the MY son and daughter the reconstruction of the Third Temple in Yisrael did not come from I, YAHUVEH, it came from the enemy (ha-satan) and once it is built, the son of perdition will stand on it and demands that he is to be worshipped just like elohim and he will unleash the power of evil spirits within him and the temple will be filled with total wickedness and will bring MY wrath and fury to Yisrael and the son of perdition” (2 Letter from Shaul to Congregation in Thessaloniki 2:3-4).

“O Yisrael, you are MY Apple Eye, you shall not be afraid to the enemies and you should have rebuked and crushed them all, you know that I AM with you until the end of time. O Yisrael you have been bullied for far too long by the enemies. When you have gone asthray, I YAHUVEH your creator want to crush you but I could not do it. Tell them MY son and daughter that I love Yisrael very much. Yisrael is MY Apple Eye. I love her so very much (Letter from Rav Shaul to the Romans 9:1-29).”

“Now I AM speaking to the sons of Ishmael (In Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq,Jordan,Syria,Lybia,Egypt,UAE). You are the descendant of MY servant, Avraham. Your forefather Ishmael acknowledged and worshipped I, YAHUVEH while he lived in this world. I, YAHUVEH listened to Ishmael’s mother, Hagar when she cried and asked for water for Ishmael and I gave hagar water so Ishmael could live (B’Reyshith 21:19). That water represents MY SON YAHUSHUA and for those accepted and drank that Living Water shall neve get thirsty and live (Yochanan 4;13-15). Remember that I AM YAHUVEH ELOHIM and Creator of all (Yeshayahu 44:8) and only through MY SON YAHUSHUA (Yochanan 3:16) that each of you can find Salvation, redeemed and enter eternal Life (Yochanan 14:6). I YAHUVEH AM telling you, sons of Ishmael to embrace this Truth and not to try to destroy MY Apple Eye Yisrael or else, I AM will be your enemy and will crush you with no mercy and you will see that I AM YAHUVEH ELOHIM that keep MY Word and Promises forever and ever.” (Book of the Prohet Yiel 3:16) (new Message on March 10,2012 on a Shabbat).

“For MY children who I love I, YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and live in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Libya, I shall protect you and lead you all from the danger in each country that you live (Shemoth 33:19). Tell them MY son and daughter that what they need to do is to pray to I, YAHUVEH (Shemoth 14) and I shall raise leaders just like in the days of Moshe and these leaders and their people shall be led and directed by MY Holy Angels to a safe place out from their countries and all the signs and wonders in Shemoth shall occur again, I AM YAHUVEH and I changeth not! All the pillar of clouds and pillar of fire (Shemoth 13:21), manna from Heavens (Shemoth 16), water flowing from the rocks (Shemoth 17:1-7), protection from MY Holy Angels shall be provided again to MY Beloveds and MY children from Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Libya and they will be safe from the evil ones at their originating countries that seek to slay and destroy them (Shemoth 12:41). Tell them that I AM YAHUVEH Yireh, I provide to those that I love! These messages shall be shouted to MY children and beloveds from the above countries and they shall shout that I AM YAHUVEH is good and MY Mercy endureth forever (Dibri HaYamim 20:21).”

“Tell those who minister in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya and spread the Gospel of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH that I AM pleased with them and I, YAHUVEH will always be with them in all of their steps when they minister. MY son and daughter, once you cried unto ME after both of you read about a pastor that was about to be beheaded in Iran, because he spread the Gospel and taught the people there that YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is the MESSIAH and the only Way to Heavens (Yochanan 3:16). Both of you cried on bended knees and asked for MY Protection to this pastor. WE decide the best for him. Before he was beheaded , his spirit left his body, he did not feel any pain and that second his spirit entered Heavens and YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH his MESSIAH welcomed and held him to MY Kingdom (Deeds of RUACH HA KODESH through the Envoys 7:55-56).”

“His job was done on earth and it was his time to enter Eternal Life in Heavens. So, MY son and daughter, tell this news to all how minister in the above and other countries that I, YAHUVEH will always be with them and their reward shall wait them in Heavens (Letters from Rav Shaul to Timotheos 4:6-8). And for those who have shed blood of MY beloveds (Revelation 6:9-11) in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt and other countries, if you do not repent and stop of what you have done, you shall be cast into hell and lake of fire and you shall wish that you had not been born on this earth because you shed the bloods of MY beloveds in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt and other countries. These messages shall be shouted loud and clear and shall cover the four corners of this world with so much joy so MY children and beloveds shall never fear again ministering MY sheeps and have faith in I, YAHUVEH and MY SON YAHUSHUA.”

“Now I AM speaking to the Bride of YAHUSHUA (Mattityahu 25:4). You are MY beloveds and I, YAHUVEH and MY SON, YAHUSHUA love you so much. Tell them MY son and daughter that the Bride of YAHUSHUA live herself fully under the anointing and guidance from OUR Precious RUACH HA KODESH (Shir Hashirim 1:15). When the time comes for you to elope with your Bride Groom in the sky it requires the fullest anointing from RUACH HA KODESH, it is your spirit and not the physical body that elopes in the sky and meet the BRIDE GROOM YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (Shir Hashirim 1:4, Shir Hashirim 2:10). Therefore I know which Bride whom devotedly keeps her holiness, keep her gown pure and white, without spots and wrinkle and keep the fire lit at all times in praying and thanksgiving to I, YAHUVEH, MY SON, YAHUSHUA and RUACH HA KODESH (Shir Hashirim 4:7). Whatever WE ask and tell you to do, MY Beloved Bride, you just obey and them without asking and questioning (Shir Hashirim 4:13-14). You, MY Beloveds Bride, WE love you so much and you shall enter the Marriage Supper of the LAMB with joy and peace that surpass all understanding (Shir Hashirim 5:1, Revelation 19:1-8).”

“For all the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, tell them MY son and daughter that MY SON the Bride Groom is coming for HIS Bride. However no soul on earth knows the day and the hour that HE comes (Shir Hashirim 2:10). MY beloved daughter, I have told you that MY SON YAHUSHUA your Bride Groom will come on a Shabbat. All of the Bride of YAHUSHUA will fall asleep tired of waiting (Mattityahu 25:5). However the wise virgin woke up and had enough oil with her (Mattityahu 25:9). I reveal to all Bride of YAHUSHUA through MY son and daughter here from Indonesia, that the Bride or Wise Virgin was awaken by OUR PRECIOUS RUACH HA KODESH and the Bride has enough oil in their vials as signs they pray without ceasing, pray with faith and their life is led and guided by RUACH HA KODESH (Shir Hashirim 4:1-12).”

“The Bride or wise Virgins pray without ceasing, live in holiness, produce spiritual fruits, keep humbleness by waiting and always be watchful (Shir HaShirim 6:4-9). I, YAHUVEH told you MY son and daughter, the qualifications of the Bride of YAHUSHUA is like the Living Tabernacles (Shemoth 40:34-48), the Bride of the worshiper in SPIRIT and TRUTH (Yochanan 4;24) and spiritually beautiful like Hadassah (The Megillah of Hadassah).”

“Beware of those that consider themselves prophet,apostle,rabbi and pastors that CLAIM they are MY SON’s Bride, claim and tell others that they are the Bride and know when the Bride Groom comes. Only OUR Precious RUACH HA KODESH will confirm that they are the Bride and the Bride will keep it very low profile and for sure not telling others and boasting with pride. Those who are boasting and tell others that he or she is the Bride, ARE NOT MY SON’S BRIDE. MY son and daughter, I, YAHUVEH AM revealing another secret to MY SON’s Bride, if you want to be the Bride, you only need to please MY HEART and IMMAYAH’s Heart as the FATHER AND MOTHER of OUR SON YAHUSHUA. You only need to please US by being obedient to all of MY Commandments, Statutes, Ordinances and Prophecies and kepp holiness at all times in your life (Shir Hashirim 7:1-9). MY Bride will keep seeing Signs, Miracles, Wonders and Blessings as a proof that RUACH HA KODESH fully dwell in the Bride (Shir Hashirim 7:6). Never ever TRY to PLEASE what you call apostle, prophet,rabbi and pastor to become MY SON’s Bride. You only need to please US (Shar Hashirim 4:7)!Some of the Bride of YAHUSHUA at the four corner of the earth will rejoice in peace after they read and hear this revelation (some through the internet and osme through prayers in the spiritual realm), because that is what they have been feeling so far and this Prophetic Message confirms it. Just keep praying MY SON’s Bride, the Bride Groom doth come for you!” (Shir Hashirim 3:6-11, Mattityahu 25:6-7).”

“All the Bride of YAHUSHUA shall war and defeat ha-satan and his troops. The Brides shall be instructed by I, YAHUVEH to translate to other countries to save those who shout for help in the Name of I, YAHUVEH and MY SON, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (Yoel 2:16B). You, MY Brides shall save those who shout for help and deliverance and are trapped in collapsed buildings, under meteor showers, under nuclear blasts, under solar flares, giant tsunamis, high tides, attacks from demons and their troops, invasion from foreign objects (UFOs) and foreign soldiers, and the lists go on and on. You MY Brides shall not be weary when you war against the enemies and help others who shout in MY NAME, because you have your glorified bodies and spiritual weapons and no weapons in this universe shall prosper against you.”

“Tell them MY son and daughter to those who are the babies of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, both of you and others also minister to thise in the other parts of this world with love, patience and compassion in YAHUSHUA. You all introduce them the Shabbath, Torah, Holy Days and Holy Feasts, the Hebrew Sacred NAMES, live in SPIRIT through continuous teachings and discipleship. Both of you and others follow the guidance from RUACH HA KODESH just like when Apostle Paul did the same to others at different parts of this world. Tell them that I, YAHUVEH love them (babies) so very much and I shall protect them and they shall see that I AM YAHUVEH that show MY Love and Compassion to those who accept and embrace YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH and keep my Commandments. Statutes, Ordinances and Prophecies until the end. They shall be with you and others, if you all keep the faith until the finish line, to enter New Yerushalayim and New Earth where Shabbat, Torah, Holy Days and Holy Feasts shall be observed again with many nations (Zecharyah 14:16, Revelation 20:6).”

“Now I AM speaking to the disobedient Brides, tell them MY son and daughter that they represent by Vash’ti (Magillah of Hadassah 1:12). First I loved her so much but when MY disobedient Bride saw in a vision that she is to enter the Kinggdom of Heavens, they become arrogant and filled themselves with again the spirit of pride. And for this I cast out this Bride out of MY Sight! That is why Queen Vash’ti was so sorry for what she did to King Ahaseuerus but it has been already decided that she wasw cast out from his kingdom. MY disobedient Bride, I loved you but you have filled yourselves with the spirit of pride and later disobedience just like Queen vash’ti and for this I took the crown off your head (Magillah of Hadassah 1:19) and you represent the Five foolish Virgins (Mattityahu 25:3). Tell them My son and daugther that the Five foolish Virigins represent disobedience and they are not listening to RUACH HA KODESH. The disobedient Bride has grieved RUACH HA KODESH over and over again and therefore SHE departed from the disobedient Brides.”

“Tell them MY son and daughter that in the Reign of Millenium (Revelation 20:6) there will be souls who can not stand HOLINESS and PEACE and again filled their spirit with disobedience and rebellion. Just like in old days where the chief of fallen angels came to earth, they left Heavens and holiness and came to earth to defile themselves with sin and wickedness. After the Reign of Millenium there are souls who will join th enemy (ha-satan) along with his troops and they shall be defeated and thrown into the lake of fire and remain there eternally (Revelation 20:8-10). So warn MY beloveds about this, that in the Reign of Millenium (1,000 year reign), I, YAHUVEH will see who really love, fear and obey ME to the FULLEST and they who pass the period of Great Millenium shall and fianlly enter the New Yerushalayim and New Earth (Revelation 21).”

“I love Yisrael so much, but MY SON YAHUSHUA will not return to Mount Zion until Yisrael shouts loud in faith,” Baruch Haba Bshem YAHUVEH (Mattityahu 23:39) and after that I, YAHUVEH and MY SON, YAHUSHUA will defeat all of Yisrael’s enemies and you all MY beloveds, Brides, babies all shall live in eternal peace forever and ever. All these Words are TRUE and Blessed are those who KEEP the FAITH in MY SON YAHUSHUA, as they shall live eternally in MY ETERNAL KINGDOM forever and ever (Revelation 22:6).”


Written unde the Guidance from RUACH HA KODESH, 25 Av, 5771. For those believers who live in Egypt, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Libya, please pray with faith as written in Isaiah 19 for specific prayers led by RUACH HA KODESH in order to raise leaders ordained by ELOHIM and lead your people to a specific, safe and secure place out from the above countries. Do it now!

For those who are led to translate to Hebrew and spread this to Yisrael, you are welcome to do it. as long you send us the link to it.

As a manisfestation, when I finished typing this Prophetic Messages, the wind outside my house is blowing so hard as a sign that these Prophetic Messages will be sent amazingly to Israel with the help of RUACH HA KODESH. Those who can discern can tell that SHEKINYAH GLORY is working amazingly! HALLELUYAH!

Henry (from the spiritual tribe of Issachar) and my wife Elsia, (from the spiritual tribe of Zebulun).
Malakhmelitz Indonesia, we are not under any ministry in this world, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is our Ha Kohen Ha Gadol.HALLELUYAH!

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